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102 Early Blvd Early, TX 78602 (325) 646-8576


What’s in a name?

Humphrey Pete Howey was born in 1891 on a farm in S. E. Kansas. He was married to Edith Allen and had two sons and two daughters. He owned a restaurant in Parsons, Kansas in the Depression years. He would issue coupon books for customers to use in dining. Trouble was, not many paid their bill for the book and he eventually went broke. His famous burgers were priced at .05¢ and he grilled onions on top of the meat, like White Castle does today.  After closing his restaurant he became a coal miner for a lengthy time. He wore a bib, overalls, and a carbide light on his cap. He always said, “Keep it on the front of your head to see where you are going and not on your rear to see where you have been.” After retiring from the coal mines, he joined his sons, Don and Harold, who were in the restaurant business and learned to repair waffle irons, toasters, and other equipment for them. He was known as “Pete who talked a lot.” Edith would call him Humphrey Pete only to get his attention. She said many times, “Be a man of few words Humphrey Pete.” Now his grandson and granddaughter, Tom and Lisa, are carrying on the family business with Don behind the scenes keeping an eye on the family legacy. Humphrey Pete’s Steakhouse opened in 1999 at 102 Early Boulevard in Early, Texas and remains there to this day serving up great food in a family friendly eclectic atmosphere!

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